Composer and vocal performer

Covering a wide range of compositions including pop song and opera, symphonic music and music for children, world music and electronic soundscapes – as far apart as they might seem in terms of musical forms and music genres – the music composed by Anja Djordjević is always authentic and recognizable. Characteristic for its clear and refined, tuneful and often reduced style, her music touches us, easily appealing to diverse listeners and audiences.

Active both as composer and vocal performer, she achieved first major success with her opera Narcissus and Echo. This opera was also the first opera composed by a woman in the history of Serbian music. In 2003, she was awarded the Stevan Mokranjac Prize, the most important national award given for to composers, for this opera.

Echoes of past music eras and genres are organically entwined in her music. Although she has a penchant for small, repetitive musical pieces, her music cannot be framed within minimalist or post-minimalist bounds. When interpreting her larger compositions, we see that her music is always complex, very elaborated, and rich in contrasts.